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Everything you need - Ringtoindia is a feature rich product. All our features given free to users.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

VPN enabled Android App

For our customers, where VoIP is blocked, we provide VPN enabled Android apps for uninterrupted communication.

Access Numbers

What is Local Access Number?

A local number which will be provided to you to access RingtoIndia service.

How its works?

  • You need to dial the local access number
  • Listen to RingtoIndia account Balance
  • Dial the destination number
  • Listen to your balance minute available to call that country
  • You call will be connected immediately. (In case the call is not connected, never press Dial button)

UK Access Numbers

Direct Dial

What is Direct Dial?

A local number will be provided for the person you wish to call anywhere in the world. Next time, when you call him, you just need to dial that local number and you will be charged locally for the call.

Benefits of Direct Dial

  • No more long dialling process : You just need to dial the access number and wait for destination number to be dialled
  • Save the local number as the contact name and make the calling process much more faster

Speed Dial

Enjoy faster dialing process with Speed Dial feature.

Benefits of Speed Dial

  • No need to dial the destination number after dialling the access number
  • Unlimited contacts can be added to speed dial

Holiday Number

What is Holiday Number?

Holiday number is a roaming local number.

How its works?

We will provide you a roaming local number. You only need to set the number to which call is to be forwarded. You will receive the calls to that number, that too without any roaming charges.

To know how to enabled holiday number to your iPhone or Android, check out the slides.

How Holiday Number Works

  • On your personal phone, forward all incoming calls to Holiday number
  • We will connect those calls to the provided international number
  • You will receive all the calls to that international number

Payment Methods

RingtoIndia accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Bank Deposit, and UKash Voucher.

Customer Support

24X7 Service

Our customer care service available round the clock as we appreciate the value of communication.

Multilanguage skilled representatives

Our well-trained and proficient representatives are skilled with Multilanguage speaking ability.

Talk to us without any time limit

There is no time limit for a call. Our customer can talk as long as they want to clear their issues or doubts regarding our service.

Good Listener

Our representatives are good listeners and will go through the communication without any rush.

Follow Up

Our representatives will follow our customers until the issue is fixed.